So you’re wondering why the goodness inside this can of ZIWI Peak Kahawai recipe looks a bit different to our other recipes? Read on to discover why a little variation and bone is perfectly natural.



At ZIWI Peak, we’re committed to bringing you the best of nature. We source only ethical and sustainable meat and seafood, and we process it as gently as possible. That means each recipe will have its own individual variations between recipes.

You may notice that the colour, consistency, texture and smell in our new Kahawai fish recipe is different to our other meat or fish recipes.


This is because in our Kahawai recipe we use 100% natural, whole, wild-caught Kahawai fish and we don’t include any artificial fillers, colours or preservatives.

When you serve ZIWI Peak Kahawai to your beloved cat, you might even be able to see small fragments of Kahawai fish bone, skin, and cartilage, and New Zealand green mussels right there on the plate.



Rich in free-range meat and seafood ingredients, it’s only natural that you can expect a little variation between recipes. Most ZIWI Peak wet recipes are crafted using primarily land-based protein sources (e.g. lamb, beef, chicken), however, the ZIWI Peak Kahawai recipe primarily contains whole fish as the main source of protein. This has an impact on the consistency, texture, smell and colour of our food due to the nature of the ingredients.

• Expect a softer texture, with more liquid.

• Kahawai is a dark, oily fish (rich in Omega-fatty acids!) – therefore it’s darker.

• Sometimes you may also notice small white dots of essential fat, which is a result of our high meat content.

Regardless of the colour, consistency and smell of the food, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that the ZIWI Peak Kahawai cat can recipe contains quality New Zealand ingredients and the same nutritional integrity you’d expect from our other recipes.



As we use whole Kahawai fish and, as our ingredients are minimally processed, you may find small pieces of bone or cartilage in our Kahawai cat cans. Bone is a natural source of minerals, including calcium and phosphorus and an important part of our recipes as they reflect a whole-prey diet for carnivores.

While the small pieces of bone (approx. 5 mm) reflect a natural and minimally processed food, the canning process does ‘soften’ this bone. We understand that some customers may have some concerns and prefer not to feed a food with minced bone in it, however it is completely safe.



Rest assured, every batch of ZIWI Peak is inspected by our quality control team. We check for colour, texture, and smell, and only products that meet our exacting specifications are released for sale to our ZIWI loving customers.

We are also regularly audited by the New Zealand government veterinarians to ensure we maintain the highest international standards. We also undertake regular

laboratory analysis at independent government approved labs to ensure that all products comply with the regulatory requirements.



Our canning process involves starting out with raw meat, organs, seafood and green mussels to create our nutritious recipes.

Once the cans are filled, we follow a method called retort cooking, which means the cans are heated to 121 degrees C for at least three minutes in a large pressure vessel. The retort process ensures that the product is free from any unwanted microorganisms and is safe for your pet to eat, much the same as the air dry process does for our dry product range.

Our canning process complies with international canning manufacturing regulations, which sets the standard for all canned foods including canned fruit, baby food, and of course, pet food.



We hope this helps you further understand our natural seasonal variations. Rest assured that ZIWI Peak Kahawai always matches your cat’s digestive system perfectly, containing 97% fish and seafood, with no unnecessary fillers, whatever the season.