ORGANIX® were one of the first certified organic pet foods introduced shortly after the USDA’s National Organic Program went into effect in 2002. Now a full line of dry and cheap sunglasses uk canned foods plus treats are available for your four-legged best friends!

Why should you feed your dog or cat ORGANIX ?

SAFETY – In addition to adhering to the USDA’s National Organic Program requirements for organic certification, Castor & Pollux Pet Works oversees quality control throughout the production of ORGANIX® food and treats by inspecting the certified organic facilities and being present during production. Samples are pulled throughout each production run for analysis and retention for additional assessment as needed.

QUALITY – Only the highest quality cheap sunglasses ingredients are used in Castor & Pollux ORGANIX brand pet food. Our custom proprietary formulas are created in consultation with our Board Certified Animal Nutritionists and Veterinarians to ensure they contain all of the ingredients necessary for a long healthy life.

ROSIE brand certified organic, free range chicken is the #1 ingredient in ORGANIX® Canine & Feline dry formulas. This is the same organic chicken found in the chiller at your local natural food store. ROSIE organic chickens are fed a certified organic vegetarian diet and are raised following the very strict organic certification standards.