The name of Cardon has been linked to pharmaceuticals since 1967, when Chris Cardon’s father André Cardon founded a chain of pharmacies and later also one of Belgium’s first clinical laboratories.

CARDON Pharmaceuticals NV (“CARDON”) seizes opportunities in the animal health industry. The company started with the development of a number of original and high-quality OTC-products for companion animals which are currently exported to more than 30 countries, mainly in Europe and Asia.

CARDON acquired 3 companies in Belgium: Pharmavet-Medini, a veterinary wholesaler & distribution company, Instrulife, a company specialized in veterinary equipment and Ecuphar, a company with a broad range of pharmaceutical products for both farm and companion animals. These acquisitions enabled the company to strengthen its market position in Belgium and to create a stable platform for further growth with an enlarged product portfolio for export. After the acquisitions in 2006 it was decided to change the company name into ECUPHAR NV.

ECUPHAR is a company devoted to the development and marketing of a broad range of products and services with added value for veterinarians and animal owners.